Anx•i•e•Tea | Pure Hemp Relaxation Tea

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You are in the right place. Your relaxation tea is being prepared to ship discreetly to your door - from the hemp garden straight to your tea cup. 

Tea time has been around for centuries as a time to unwind and exhale the day away. Because Keep It Hemple's Anx•i•e•Tea comes straight from our indoor-hemp garden, its powerful anti-anxiety, pain and inflammation relief benefits remain in completely in tact through it's cannabidiol content. This tea is made with raw Hemp leaf and flower. Order your Hemp tea today! 

With your purchase of Anx•i•e•Tea Pure Hemp tea, you're helping the earth by using less plastic waste. Each package is made of 100% biodegradable rice paper material.

This product is licensed under the Hemp Research & Pilot Programs Authorized in Sec. 7606 of The Farm Bill.