Why Keep It Hemple

Keep It Hemple™ (KIH Store) was created from personal experience.

My name is Lorenzo and this is part of my story. After a couple tours overseas with the Marines, becoming a husband and father of three, I found myself on the down side of post traumatic stress disorder, commonly called  PTSD. Yup.. and it stinks as bad as the rumors about it suggest, but often times worse. Embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn't "fix" myself, I internalized much of what I was going through as many veterans do. (If you are a veteran going through PTSD symptoms, talk to a physician - even if it's in our KIH Community on Facebook, you are not alone.)

The Veteran's Assistance program issues a check for the impact of my tour with the military and that's great, but about the pain and anxiety. Many have cabinets filled with prescribed medications that warrant more prescriptions to handle the side-effects of what was originally prescribed. Talk about torture on your mental and physical health. Sheesh..

Through I was likely going through what you are now - hearing about this industrial plant that's supposed to produce oils that work miracles on the body, but without any proof. All the stories were making me curious.

So I tried it..

Yea.. I am still a bit skeptical on all the other miracles it is supposed to deliver, however I can say that I have felt more relief since beginning this supplement regimen than with any of the other pharmaceuticals I've been prescribed. It works well enough to continue this hemple journey and begin to share with the millions of people suffering from chronic pains and ailments. The FDA has not approved any of the statements on our page. These are first person accounts from me and of people just like you who tried using this powerful plant called Industrial Hemp.

Our Mission is Hemple.. I mean.. Simple.

We are a North Carolina-based, veteran-owned and operated retailer of quality products derived from hemp. Our products are derived from imported industrial hemp and come in the form of beauty products, hemp based foods, raw extracts, high quality hemp clothing, and more. 

Pharmaceuticals can get extremely complicated - Keep it Hemple™.