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Okay.. by now most you have heard of this CBD thing. It's rolling into the market like a runaway train. Only thing is, this train has positive and consistent testimonial's from thousands, maybe millions, keeping superheroes and heroines from swooping in and stopping it.

The testimonials about Keep it Hemple's Hemp CBD products alone are intimate accounts of ailments ranging from anxieties and migraines to cancers and lupus. This is why the rush of companies into the various cannabis markets. With all the businesses rushing everywhere, you tend to get left holding a bag of unanswered questions about this powerful plant extract you keep hearing about. With that being said, here are three questions you should consider before your first dose of CBD.



1. What's your CBD made of? Better yet, what are the ingredients within the CBD products? Many members of Keep it Hemple's community are already aware or quickly made aware that what you put into your body matters. Identify the product's carrier oil. For instance. Is it combined with olive oil, grape seed oil, etc.?

2. Isolate or Full Spectrum oil? Many times this get's confusing with all the loose language of the industry and again.. you end up with the short end of the stick by purchasing one thing believing its another. Though both are beneficial in their own way, isolate is the isolated CBD molecule. You only get the cannabinoid that is CBD. Full Spectrum leaves the various cannabinoids within to allow a broader range of relief for various ailments. Cannabinoids are meant to work together. 

3. How many milligrams of CBD do you need? This question is important as the language surrounding dosing of CBD or cannabis oils has remained trial and error at best. For that reason, Keep it Hemple always recommends an easy, proven-scientific method called titration. Begin with a higher dose then slowly taper it down. 

Although this information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease and you should certainly consult with your doctor.

These are some of the answers to the most popular questions asked at Keep it Hemple. Have a different question, not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions

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